Those Darn Zippers!

Have you ever got a new dress that looks absolutely stunning! You slide it on, admire yourself in the mirror as it slides up your body and think "Daymmm girl! You lookin fiiiine in that sexy number!" You start zipping it up slowly wanting to reach the zenith of the tracks to complete the look. Then, like a 3 year old child tantruming in a shopping center, she stops moving and plants herself on the floor. Screaming and crying, refusing to move an inch, just like that damn zipper on your new dress.

You try pulling it up again and again but its anchored itself on that same spot on the track. Then your finger starts hurting, you feel the sweat inbetween your finger and the zipper pull and you lose your grip. You're scared to pull any harder because you might wreck that absolutely fabulous new dress contoured onto your body, or worse yet - break your newly manicured nails! 

But just like a tantruming 3 year old, you can get that zipper moving again. Sometimes to move forward you need to go back first and then power through using momentum to get to the end. Or a helping hand from your partner or friend can assist in zipping you up, so you can hit the club or dancefloor in that sexy number.

Below are a few links to guides and videos in dealing with those zipper issues we all encounter.

Until next time, Stay Beautiful!

Lesly XOXO

Far Out!!!