The Right Tools(Footwear) For The Job(Dance)

I recently went to a club to go dancing with my husband on a Friday night. It had been a long day at work and we just wanted to blow off some steam. So I got my hair did and my nails did and picked out an outfit. Everything was checked off except what shoes to wear.

High heels or sneakers? Chucks or Nine West? Vans or Tony Bianco?
I like to dance and usually put on some Vans when I hit the club. But I just bought these new heels that look so hot! So which shoes do I go with?

After what felt like hours, I decided to go with the heels because I could not stop looking at them in the mirror while I had them on.

So we head to club, have a few drinks and then my jam comes on! The heels felt ok when walking but on the dancefloor after a few hours, it started to hurt. I persevered of course but my feet paid for it the next day. A few sores and blisters and nursing a slight hangover :)

Moral of the story is, wear shoes you'll be comfortable with when you go dancing. Either:
- wear the heels in prior to a big night of dancing
- wear some casual shoes so you burn up the dancefloor all night with no scars to show for it
- persevere with some slight discomfort in new heels (but you'll look hot!)

Until next time, Stay Beautiful!