Playsuits/Rompers Are Awesome!

Some girls call them playsuits, other gals call them rompers, but in the end they're the same thing - awesome! Especially during the Summer season these fashion items are the most versatile things you can have in your wardrobe. I won't lie, I'm addicted to them. So here's 7 reasons why you should have playsuits on you this Summer.

1. You have the versatility of shorts and all the cuteness of a dress.

You know that old saying "two birds with one stone", well that's what a playsuit is. Move freely around like you're wearing shorts but still be looking cute with that top.

2. No matching required.

I hate making tough decisions in life so why do it when picking out what to wear? If you wear shorts or pants you gotta then find a top that'll compliment it. Not with a playsuit! You just put it on and you've won. Fire and forget my friends.

3. They look good on every body type.

Most playsuits cinch in at the waist, so it looks high-waisted, which is literally flattering on everyone. Every girls looks good in something high-waisted.

4. You can dress them up or down so easily.

Match them with a sweater and heels — bam! — you're business casual. Throw on some thongs, and you're rockin that casual beach look. The fashion world is your oyster when you're equipped with a playsuit.

5. The vast number of patterns.

Floral, striped, solid and everything in between. The design and prints used are almost infinite. Need I say more? Well ok, florals are my favourite! 

6. Pockets.

Most playsuits have pockets! You might get lucky enough to find a dress with pockets, but it's less likely. And yeah — most, if not all, shorts and pants have pockets, but it's not as fun as when a playsuit has pockets. Put your phone and ID in those pockets and leave the purse at home - freedom!

7. The perfect beach or pool cover up.

You can just causally wear your bikini or one-piece under your playsuit all day, and no one will even know. It's that good of a cover up! Plus you can wear it to eat before or after and feel totally comfortable. No need to bring suitcases worth of clothes when going to the pool or beach, a playsuit is all you need...and sunscreen, probably a good idea to bring sunscreen :)


So check out our range or playsuits/rompers and be Far Out in your Style. Until next time, Stay Beautiful!

Lesly XOXO